Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hudson the Hippo

I was over at a lady's house from my church yesterday. She sells library books and she let Sister Anderson and I each pick out a book. Sister Anderson found a book called "Hudson the Hippo." She showed it to me because my nephew's name is Hudson. I thought it was funny so I decided to get that book.

This book is about learning to control angry feelings. Hudson wakes up in a bad mood and wants everyone else to feel bad too. In the end when Hudson learns to control his feelings, he has a much nicer day with his friends.

This isn't just a good thing for Hudson the Hippo to learn to control is anger, or even the kids that will read this book. But it is something that each of us must learn.  In the talk "The Case Against Anger" Burton C. Kelly said, "instead of blaming events or the people around us for our anger, we should remember that no one else can 'make' us angry. We make ourselves angry."

How can we stop from being angry? President Hinckley gave us council on how in his talk "Slow to Anger." At the end of his talk he said. "I plead with you to control your tempers, to put a smile upon your faces, which will erase anger; speak out with words of love and peace, appreciation, and respect." He continued by saying, "If you will do this, your lives will be without regret. Your marriages and family relationships will be preserved. You will be much happier. You will do greater good. You will feel a sense of peace that will be wonderful." What a wonderful blessing we can receive if we can learn what Hudson the Hippo learned, which is to control our anger.

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