Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tennessee Rain

Rainy days come... There are many hard things that happen just because we are alive. 

Today it rained. Not just a little rain either.  Just from walking to my car was was soaking wet. When I got in all I wanted to do was go back out and dance in the rain. So that is what I did. The rain felt so good coming down and splashing into the puddles. All my worries and cares went away. I was happy enjoying the rain. 

You've heard someone say either "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, Its about dancing in the rain." or something similar to it. But how are we suppose to dance in the storms of our lives? 
In my life when I'm having a "rainy day" I think of something that brings me happiness. Sometimes I look around and see the beauties of the earth. Sometimes I think of my family. And sometimes I think about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because it only through Jesus Christ that we can have true lasting happiness.

In the Book of Mormon Ammon was watching the king's sheep. They were scattered. As a result all of the servants that were watching would be killed. 

Ammon responded by saying "My brethren, be of good cheer and let us go in search of the flocks, and we will gather them together and bring them back unto the place of water; and thus we will preserve the flocks unto the king and he will not slay us" (Alma 17:31)

When his very life was at risk he said, "Be of good cheer." If Ammon was able to be of good cheer when his life was at risk surely we can be of good cheer no matter what is happening in our lives.  

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