Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marriage.... Forever

Dear Staci-       
I got your wedding announcement  in the mail yesterday, very cute! I am so happy for you and Marc. What an exciting adventure you have ahead of you.... Marriage. How lucky you are to be getting married not only for time but also for eternity in the temple. 
Lots of Love,

I know I have talked about temples before, but I am just so very grateful for them. I am grateful that in them families can be bound together by priesthood authority. What a great blessing it is to have the this priesthood restored to the earth. To have the same power that Jesus Christ had while he was here on this earth once more. And that through this priesthood authority families can be bound together... FOREVER! 

"Brethren and sisters, material possessions and honors of the world do not endure. But your union as wife, husband, and family can. The only duration of family life that satisfies the loftiest longings of the human soul is forever. No sacrifice is too great to have the blessings of an eternal marriage. To qualify, one needs only to deny oneself of ungodliness and honor the ordinances of the temple. By making and keeping sacred temple covenants, we evidence our love for God, for our companion, and our real regard for our posterity—even those yet unborn. Our family is the focus of our greatest work and joy in this life."

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