Wednesday, June 29, 2011

letter from home

I got a letter from my mom yesterday. She told me some of the things that were happening from home. She told me that my cousin was getting married on Saturday and the preparations that were going on for that. She told me he was going to get married in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for time and eternity. She wrote about their trip they were leaving on to go to California. Before she mailed it she added one last thing as a p.s. She told me that on Wednesday my Grandpa was taken by ambulance to the hospital, he was transferred to another hospital and that he was currently in a nursing home/ rehab center. She said that my Grandpa didn't want my Grandma to leave so she slept on the couch in his room.
How sweet that is. My Grandpa is 92 but he still loves my Grandma so much. It is hard seeing our loved ones get old. It made me sad that my Grandpa isn't doing very good. He probably doesn't have very much longer on this earth. But I am so grateful to know that my Grandparents can be together forever because they were married for not only for time but also for eternity. Even after so many years they still love each other so much.

"Most people think of a marriage made in heaven as a rare occurrence in which both parties are deeply in love and highly compatible. We like to think that all our marriages are made in heaven. When a man and woman enters one of our holy temples to be married, they covenant (or promise) they will stay together forever—on earth and in heaven after they die, if they are faithful to each other and their promises to the Lord. A temple marriage doesn’t include phrases like, “Till death do you part” or “So long as you both shall live.” If we keep these promises, our children also become part of this heavenly promise—sealed to us forever."

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