Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friends- The Posse

I have been blessed with great friends! I am so grateful that my friends also have a testimony of Jesus Christ. "Living the gospel and being true to gospel principles is the key to true, lasting, triumphant friendship." -Elder Holland 

The summer before I left for my mission I was living at home. Many of my friends lived other places or were busy with their lives. I needed friends. I went to church; as I attended the YSA  ward (young single adult congregation) I was able to make friends. There were 5 of us that spent a lot of time together. Someone named us the posse. So that is what we became known by. We enjoyed ourselves so much. We were creative in the activities we did, we would build each other up and we would laugh. I am so grateful for those friends that summer. They were such a blessing to me. 

"Everyone needs good and true friends. They will be a great strength and blessing to you. To have good friends, be a good friend. Show genuine interest in others; smile and let them know you care about them." -For the Strength of Youth

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