Monday, May 30, 2011

Taco Head

One of my friends calls me "taco head" you probably wonder why someone calls me taco head. The reason why is one day I had a migraine and my doctor said it looks like I'm all ready to eat a taco with my head tilted. (I tilt my head because I'm a little less dizzy.)

I have gotten migraines as long as I can remember. Doctors have done many tests and don't know whats wrong. It gets frustrating at times. But I am so grateful to know that our Savior Jesus Christ knows how I feel.

Our Savior knows how I feel when I have a migraine. The Savior know how you feel with whatever you are going through. Turn to him He will help and comfort you. He did not have to suffer for all our pains, afflictions, temptations and sicknesses but He did. He did it because He loves each of us and he wants to be able to comfort us and help us.

Just knowing that the Savior has felt everything that I have gone through has helped me. I know that He truly loves me. I know that He doesn't just love me but he loves everyone.

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