Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Safe in His hands

Last night we found our that there may be a tornado warning but at 10:30 when we went to bed the weather was still okay.
Around 12:30 we woke up we could hear thunder, rain hitting against the window, the harsh wind. Our room was continually lit up by lightning. Then we heard the tornado sirens go off. 

We prayed to know what we should do. I felt that we should go in the closet so we would be safe. So we followed the feeling I had felt

We had to clear out many things in the closet so that we would be able to fit. As I was moving my things I found a note from my mom that said

Be Brave the Lord is on your side

How true that is. As we follow the Lord he will protect us. As we have faith we will not fear but we will trust in the Lord. We will trust Him that all things will work out. We don't know how but they will. 

We woke up a while latter and the storm was gone and it was quiet once more. We were safe and so was our house we were able to go back to our own beds and sleep the rest of the night.

I am so grateful that the Lord was so mindful of me. I know he loves and cares about each one of His children. We just need to be brave and trust in Him.

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